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     Alien 327: 3x27/36ga, 6 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.15Ohm (Recommended for RDAs)

    Alien 327-X: 3x27/36ga, 5 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.12Ohm (Recommended for RDAs)

    Alien 329: 3x29/38ga, 7 wrap, 2.5mm ID @ 0.25Ohm (Great for decks with limited space like The Blotto)

    Alien 329-X: 3x29/38ga, 7 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.27Ohm (Great for RTAs in general)

    Fralien 829: 2x29/6x0.3/36ga, 5 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.13Ohm (Recommended for RDAs)

    Fralien 1129-S: 2x29/9x0.3/36ga, 4.5 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.19Ohm Each (Single Only)

    Fused 227: 2x27/38ga, 8 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.28Ohm (Recommended for RTAs)

    Alien 330: 3x30/38ga, 8 wrap, 2.5mm ID @ 0.36 Ohm (Great for RTAs in general)

    Alien 330-X: 3x30/38ga, 8 wrap, 3mm ID @ 0.40 Ohm (Great for RTAs in general)

    Installation Guide

    To prevent any short-circuit on the coils, use tweezers with ceramic tips.

    • Ensure your coils are installed close to the build deck - short coil legs.

    • Pulse the coils at 30 - 40 watts (pulsing the coils for 0.5 - 1 second at a time until the coils are glowing).

    • Use a ceramic tweezer to squeeze each coil.

    • While pulsing the coils, check for any hot spots (brighter glowing parts).

    • Lightly strum the the area with a ceramic tweezer until no hot spots are visible.

    • After pulsing the coils and checking for hot spots, ensure all post screws are firmly tightened.

    • Before wicking, leave the coils for about 30 seconds to cool down.

    • Make sure to use enough cotton for the wicking. You should be able to move your vape by lightly tugging at the wick.


    • DO NOT use a wire/coil brush to clean the coils.

    • After removing wick, drop wattage to 20 - 30 watts, pulse the coils until they're glowing.

    • Wait 20 seconds and dunk the coils in warm water.

    • Repeat until any gunk has cleared out.

    • Dry the coils with a paper towl.

    • Remove the atomiser from vape and rinse under tap.

    • Pulse coils again at 20 - 30 watts and check for hot spots, and leave to cool down for 30 seconds.

    • Start to rewick.


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