Fogging Amazing was founded in 2017 in the Small town of Stilbaai,Western Cape. But we have been trading for much longer under previous company names that just didn’t do us justice.


The story behind Fogging Amazing started with a Woman, like all good stories do. The owner of Fogging Amazing was a heavy smoker and his girlfriend constantly complained about the smell. He tried everything possible to mask the smell of cigarettes but it never worked. He then invested in his first vape in 2013.

After a few months he quickly switched over to vaping and started to despise cigarettes and everything about it. As he spoke to people around him and telling them about the amazing world of Vaping he saw that people actually didn’t want to smoke. And that people are open to the idea to give Electronic cigarettes a try. But staying in the small town of Stilbaai didn’t give us any options to access the world of Vaping. He then started to sell vape gear from his home to fulfil the need of those around him.


Fast forward a few years from then and Fogging Amazing has two physical stores in South-Africa. Our online store has kicked off with a bang, with the easy navigation and exceptional service we deliver with all online orders.  We have also included an online wholesale division that now supplies Vape Shops in 5 Provinces. Furthermore, we have started a Private Label E-liquid that has received some great reviews.



Our Mission


The core of our mission is to have a Fogging Amazing Vape shop in all corners of SA to expose the current market to our high standard of service delivery. We are currently in the process of opening our third store which will be centrally located to allow our online orders to arrive more swiftly.